Amazing Car Wash – Out Now!

Amazing Car WashWe will release our new app for kids “Amazing Car Wash” tonight. It’s probably the best cars washing game in the App Store! It has some very unique features, like for example washing actions which are accessible all the time! This means kids can choose from the beginning which tool they want to use for actions and don’t have to finish one action to unlock another. This allows multiple functions for each tool! And if this is not enough cool stuff we also have included something really spectacular: You not only can clean your cars but you also can use special actions to make your cars dirty! To use this special actions kids can earn stars through cleaning and then ‘spend’ the stars for the special actions. All actions and cars are unique and there is a lot of funny things going on which will keep kids busy and motivated for a very long time.
Amazing Car Wash” is 100% safe for kids! See for yourself and download it here:
Get “Amazing Car Wash” here!

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