We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Me and the team behind McPeppergames wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023! We have a lot of news and great projects to announce for 2023. Of course it’s all about games again, but this time we have even more: COMICS! If you want to know which comics I am talking about, or if you are a fan of the McPeppergames games, you can stop by Hermkes Romanboutique in Würzburg on January 10, 2023, where I will be signing posters, making drawings and talk about two brand new Creator-Owned comic projects that will be published by SPLITTER in Germany! So make a note of it: HERMKES ROMANBOUTIQUE, January 10, 2023, 4 p.m.! There you will also meet KRIKRA, who will present his new projects.

And I don’t want to withhold from you a new game project that started exactly today: THE OFFICIAL SEQUEL TO THE TOWER DEFENSE HIT “COLOR DEFENSE”! Yes, you read that right. Today I started the implementation of this long-awaited sequel. And best of all, this time the game will not only be available for iOS and Android, but also for PC and Nintendo Switch. If you always want to be informed about it’s development, then please visit this BLOG regularly, where there will also be a link to a corresponding DISCORD server in 2023, where there will always be news about the development. There you also have the opportunity to contribute your feedback directly to the development of the game.

Now a few things on our own behalf: McPeppergames is now the official developer for Nintendo Switch. In the e-shop we already have some games for children. So if you are still looking for a suitable Christmas present for the little ones… then please take a look at our current portfolio:

McPeppergames Nintendo-Switch Games!

By the way, when you buy the game bundles, you save a lot of money over Christmas, as they are included in the Nintendo Christmas sale. And then I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the players of COLOR DEFENSE and the other McPeppergames apps and games, without whom there wouldn’t be a sequel to Color Defense! Only because of you is it possible for me and McPeppergames as an indie studio to work on this sequel!
2023 will also bring some news about SNOOZE! 😉

See you all in 2023!

Chris and the McPeppergames team

PS: You also can follow me/McPeppergames on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK and TWITTER!


The time has finally come and we can officially introduce you to our current game project SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch.
The development of the game is funded by the federal government’s computer game funding and supported by the BMVI and the DLR.
Even if we can’t give any details yet, today there is an initial artwork and a short description of the game that is being developed for PCs, Macs and consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. A version for mobile devices is also planned.
If you want to find out more about SnOOze and always stay up to date, then register for our SnOOze newsletter:
SnOOze newsletter subscription

SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch – McPeppergames 2021

A quick summary of what SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch is all about:
In SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch the player takes on the role of the protagonist SnOOze from a bird’s eye view, with whom he explores a medieval world. Here he can collect raw materials, produce goods, fight battles and solve tasks. In addition to economic building elements, the game also includes elements of a computer role-playing game.

Small Update

The Covid-19 virus has turned things upside down for us too. With this small update, we would like to point out some of the current projects and submit a small interim report, which is due to us:

1. We have partially revised our portfolio for iOS and Android. We will complete that in the coming weeks. This is particularly interesting for parents who are looking for educational games for their children. Looking for games which do not use analytics tools and do not collect data! Get our new container apps here:

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/mcpeppergames-ug-haftungsbeschraenkt-co-kg/id500483218

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=5029755957860459217

2. We will start with a completely new game project in a few weeks. Unfortunately, it is still too early to talk about it now, because we cannot reveal any details yet. If you want to know more about it, follow us on Twitter or follow Chris on Twitter, Instagram, or visit the blog here regularly.

3. We are working on two super cool comic projects. They are currently in the works. Again, there is more information to be seen here on our Twitter Chris’s Twitter or Instagram at a suitable time.

Our tower defense game COLOR DEFENSE (iOS and Android) was discussed on gameskeys.net. You can find the link here: https://gameskeys.net/underrated-strategy-games-to-play/

Stay healthy!

Your McPeppergames team

McPeppergames News 2020

Sorry for the late update of the blog. In the past few months we have been working on a completely new level editor for our tower defense hit mobile game COLOR DEFENSE. Version 1.0 of this is finally integrated into the game. Players can now create their own levels and best of all: you can share these levels with your friends as levels can be loaded externally into the game! We’ll be adding a feature shortly that will allow players to create their own movement paths for attacker waves.

In addition to working on COLOR DEFENSE, we focused on revising our children’s games and put together the most important and exciting games in game collections. Here is a selection of our best game collections if you’re looking for good mobile games for kids:

For iOS:
Amazing Car & Truck Wash
Amazing Farm Animals Jigsaw Puzzles
Amazing Shapes Learning Puzzles
Amazing Farm Animals Peg Puzzles
Animal Coloring Books for Kids

For Android:
Amazing Car & Truck Wash
Amazing Shapes Learning Puzzle

If everything goes as planned, we will make the leap from 2D to 3D games this year and will soon start developing an exciting new game, which we will report on as we develop.
And in the end of this first McPeppergames news we would like to thank Kevin, who introduced COLOR DEFENSE under the following link:

See you soon!

Chris Noeth & your McPeppergames team


Our minimalist tower base defense game COLOR DEFENSE is now also available as a premium game. The editors of appgefahren.de took a close look at the game in the following review:

German COLOR DEFENSE review on appgefahren.de!

COLOR DEFENSE is therefore available in different versions and for different operating systems and smartphones and tablets. Here is a small overview:

There is the classic free game version for iOS and Android here:

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/color-defense-tower-defense/id1255466582
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mcpeppergames.ColorDefense&hl=de
Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/McPeppergames-Color-Defense-Tower/dp/B07R177ST8

This version is completely free to play. This is possible because advertisements are displayed in the game. The InGame currency can be increased by InApp purchases, but also by the optional watching of Rewarded videos. This allows the game to be played completely 100% for free with all content, weapons and features and you do not have to spend money on the game! Only additional color themes are not be used and can be purchased optionally.

Now there is the premium version of COLOR DEFENSE. It is available here:

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/color-defense/id1467205227
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mcpeppergames.ColorDefensePremium2&hl=de

This version contains no ads and has unlocked all color themes. The version also includes 100 Nanites (InGame currency!) When purchasing the game. Once these are exhausted, you can either try to level them up without using the Nanites, or optionally get new Nanites by watching Rewarded videos. If you like, you can also opt to buy Nanites via InApp purchase.

COLOR DEFENSE was # 1 on the paid game charts in the App Store category of “CASUAL” games yesterday! If you do not know the game yet and you are into defense games, then you should definitely get it now!

COLOR DEFENSE Full Open BETA now available!

We just have released the full iOS open BETA version of the new COLOR DEFENSE update version 2.6 which contains a lot of cool new features. You can join BETA testing by using the following link:


If you want to see a list of all the new features in the game you can look into this .pdf file showing some screenshots:


Here is a list of the most important features in the new update:
The player can now travel to a completely new star system. However, the military has the say there!
In addition to the first new game levels, the update includes the following new features:
+ Players can create their own game levels in the new CREATOR mode and share them with their friends! (More information and how exactly that works can be found on www.ColorDefense.de)
+ There is a completely new star system that can be unlocked! The new worlds in the new system are regularly updated!
+ In the new star system there is a new special weapon, with which you can double the strength of the Defender!
+ In the new star system you can equip yourself with new weapons!
+ The enemies now have multiple spawn points and can appear at up to four different locations!
+ In the new star system, there are new strategic weapon options to choose from to affect targeting!
+ We’ve added new music and sound effects for the new star system!
+ In addition, we have optimized many small areas in the game and laid the foundations so that we can continue to add cool new features!

Please send us your feedback to colordefense (at) mcpeppergames.com

Thanks for playing!

Your McPeppergames team

Create your own COLOR DEFENSE levels!

We are still working on the BIG UPDATE which will be out in late February 2019.
The main reasons why this update will be released a little later is that we had to take some weeks off due to illness and second that we integrate many new features besides new worlds.

Click the following text to get the new BETA version of Color Defense:

Get the new BETA 2.6! (iOS with Testflight)

This version allows players to create their own COLOR DEFENSE game levels!

Everything you need for this can be found in this .ZIP file here:

To create your own game levels you also need a text editor (such as Sublime Text or Notepad ++) and a PC or Mac with the TILED Editor. The BETA will only be available for iOS and you need the Testflight app to play the BETA version.

You can download TILED here:

You can get the Testflight app here:

With this BETA version you can then test and play your own game levels.
(Please note we have locked all other new content in the BETA because we are still working on those features.) In the .Zip File you will find a PDF with instructions on how to create your own game levels.

You can send us your game levels to the following address (links to the files

colordefense (at) mcpeppergames.com

and if they are exciting, they also get a chance for a release directly in the official version of Color Defense and are thus playable for thousands of players!
Whose game level is selected will receive an App Store or Google Play gift card as a gift!

Chris & the McPeppergames team

Color Defense Update Info

Due to several illnesses we are unfortunately a bit late with our current update for our tower defense game COLOR DEFENSE. The update was originally scheduled for Christmas and then January. Now, a few weeks ago, we decided to add even more new features to the game, making the update to the biggest update so far, including many new game levels and cool new features, such as a CREATOR mode, where players create their own levels and also share with other players. But that is not all … there will be many more new things to discover.
You can download Color Defense at www.ColorDefense.de. It is available for iOS and Android devices.
The big update will come in February 2019!
– Chris

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

The year is almost over. Actually, we wanted to bring out a new update for our tower defense game COLOR DEFENSE at Christmas, which unfortunately did not work because of a case of illness. The good news: We are bringing the planned update together with the update we have planned for January and there will be many new things to discover in January in COLOR DEFENSE! Something that all enthusiastic COLOR DEFENSE fans can look forward to! 🙂
We have big plans for 2019, will make COLOR DEFENSE even bigger, and in January we’re laying the foundation for our next game, which we’re not allowed to reveal at the moment.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all players for the support and the great feedback!
We wish you all a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!
Your McPeppergames team