The time has finally come and we can officially introduce you to our current game project SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch.
The development of the game is funded by the federal government’s computer game funding and supported by the BMVI and the DLR.
Even if we can’t give any details yet, today there is an initial artwork and a short description of the game that is being developed for PCs, Macs and consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. A version for mobile devices is also planned.
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SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch – McPeppergames 2021

A quick summary of what SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch is all about:
In SnOOze and the Secret of the Witch the player takes on the role of the protagonist SnOOze from a bird’s eye view, with whom he explores a medieval world. Here he can collect raw materials, produce goods, fight battles and solve tasks. In addition to economic building elements, the game also includes elements of a computer role-playing game.