Create your own COLOR DEFENSE levels!

We are still working on the BIG UPDATE which will be out in late February 2019.
The main reasons why this update will be released a little later is that we had to take some weeks off due to illness and second that we integrate many new features besides new worlds.

Click the following text to get the new BETA version of Color Defense:

Get the new BETA 2.6! (iOS with Testflight)

This version allows players to create their own COLOR DEFENSE game levels!

Everything you need for this can be found in this .ZIP file here:

To create your own game levels you also need a text editor (such as Sublime Text or Notepad ++) and a PC or Mac with the TILED Editor. The BETA will only be available for iOS and you need the Testflight app to play the BETA version.

You can download TILED here:

You can get the Testflight app here:

With this BETA version you can then test and play your own game levels.
(Please note we have locked all other new content in the BETA because we are still working on those features.) In the .Zip File you will find a PDF with instructions on how to create your own game levels.

You can send us your game levels to the following address (links to the files

colordefense (at)

and if they are exciting, they also get a chance for a release directly in the official version of Color Defense and are thus playable for thousands of players!
Whose game level is selected will receive an App Store or Google Play gift card as a gift!

Chris & the McPeppergames team

Color Defense Update Info

Due to several illnesses we are unfortunately a bit late with our current update for our tower defense game COLOR DEFENSE. The update was originally scheduled for Christmas and then January. Now, a few weeks ago, we decided to add even more new features to the game, making the update to the biggest update so far, including many new game levels and cool new features, such as a CREATOR mode, where players create their own levels and also share with other players. But that is not all … there will be many more new things to discover.
You can download Color Defense at It is available for iOS and Android devices.
The big update will come in February 2019!
– Chris

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

The year is almost over. Actually, we wanted to bring out a new update for our tower defense game COLOR DEFENSE at Christmas, which unfortunately did not work because of a case of illness. The good news: We are bringing the planned update together with the update we have planned for January and there will be many new things to discover in January in COLOR DEFENSE! Something that all enthusiastic COLOR DEFENSE fans can look forward to! 🙂
We have big plans for 2019, will make COLOR DEFENSE even bigger, and in January we’re laying the foundation for our next game, which we’re not allowed to reveal at the moment.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all players for the support and the great feedback!
We wish you all a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!
Your McPeppergames team

Color Defense date BUG fix!

We have noticed the current version 2.3 of Color Defense is not starting correctly on devices since December 1. We have found a small bug in our date code which was not found during testing in November. The good news: You can still play version 2.3 until the uploaded new bug fix in version 2.4 will remove the problem completely. Here is what you can do:
Change your date on your device to “November”, then Color Defense version 2.3 will work like normal.
Wait for the update 2.4 and download it to fix the small bug.
Thank you for playing!


Color Defense HALLOWEEN Sale!

We wish you all a Happy Halloween! Please note you now can get all InApp-Purchases for our free to play Tower Defense game COLOR DEFENSE up to 50% cheaper than the original price! Just get the free to download game here: and check the store inside the game to access the Halloween sale in the next hours!
Regarding the next update for COLOR DEFENSE: We are working on new levels (of course 🙂 ) and we are testing the first endless map which will be a part of the upcoming update version 2.3 in a few days.
Don’t forget we are always loving to hear from you and you can contact us directly at: colordefense ( at ) mcpeppergames (dot) com

Chris & the McPeppergames team

COLOR DEFENSE Halloween Mode




COLOR DEFENSE first endless map test

COLOR DEFENSE Update 2.0 now available!

The new update for our mobile Tower Defense hit game COLOR DEFENSE is now available on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for all Android devices! The game is optimized for all new iOS devices which makes it the perfect game for all the new things Apple is announcing today on their #appleevent !

Here is a list of all the new stuff in version 2.0 of COLOR DEFENSE:
+ BIG NEWS: We have added a new special weapon! A singularity bomb!
+ BIG NEWS: After winning a level, the level of difficulty will be shown! Thus, you can now see what level you have won in which degree of difficulty!
+ BIG NEWS: Some of the creeps now have immunity to certain weapons!
+ BIG NEWS: The new world number 8 with a total of 9 official game levels
was added!
+ BIG NEWS: You can now take screenshots of won levels and send them to your friends!
+ We have also increased the random level count and added more random waves!
+ We have eliminated minor bugs in the game!
+ The setting screen has been restructured and expanded!
+ We have added new graphics and revised some of the old ones!
+ We have made optimizations!

Get the free game here:

Here are two screenshots from the new version:
COLOR DEFENSE Tower Defense version 2.0 screenshot



COLOR DEFENSE Tower Defense version 2.0 screenshot


The ultimate TOWER DEFENSE!

A “New Games We Love!” Apple featured game!

You now can download and play our new Apple featured game COLOR DEFENSE! It’s a unique hybrid of a Tower Defense and puzzle game. The perfect game for strategy fans and puzzle lovers alike!

New features in version 1.1:
+ We have added new selectable difficulty settings!
+ We have added 20 new selectable languages!

New features in version 1.2:
+ You now can listen to your own music while playing COLOR DEFENSE!
+ We have added world 4 with 9 new levels!
+ We have added new sound settings (voice,music,sfx on/off)!
+ We have reworked some GUI elements for better play!
+ We have fixed some minor bugs!

You can download COLOR DEFENSE for iOS here:

Get the free Android version of COLOR DEFENSE on Google Play here:

The new update version 1.2 will be available in just a few days from today for iOS!

If you like the game please write a review in the store to help us developing new content and updates. Please also tell your friends and family about COLOR DEFENSE.

Visit the official games website at:

Chris & your McPeppergames team



COLOR DEFENSE can now be pre-ordered for all iPhone and iPad devices. The free version will then be automatically installed on the release day in June 2018. Here is the link to the iTunes iOS version of COLOR DEFENSE:
Those who can not wait and own an Android device can already play the Open BETA version of Color Defense. These are available on Google Play and they are available here as a free download:
If you have problems at tricky spots, you can take a look at the official website for the game at:
And here is a first small impression from the game in the form of some YouTube gameplay videos from different players:

Official Preview Video:

Videos of players:

Coming soon: COLOR DEFENSE!

Our new game COLOR DEFENSE will be out soon. To get more information about the game and the exact release date, please visit the games official website at and sign up to our newsletter.

COLOR DEFENSE is the ultimate casual Tower Defense action game. It is perfect for both casual and action strategy players. And the best part: The game is completely free to play. Oh… and the game has an optional science fiction background story if you like a story and a little bit more depth while playing.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Chris & the McPeppergames team

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a great time with your loved ones! If you are on the train or just want to kill some time you should read the following articles about our games. The first one is from and can be found here: Article about our Ocean Animals app for kids.
The second one we are very proud of… it’s from Corona Labs the guys behind the Corona SDK which we are using for developing our apps and games. The article is about our latest game COLOR FENCE which was featured by Apple on the front page of a lot of App Stores worldwide in the category “New Games We Love!“. The article can be found here: Corona Labs blog post about COLOR FENCE.
You should know we are currently working on a huge update for COLOR FENCE which will be out before Christmas 2017!

One more thing: We have finished our new game… the ultimate casual Tower Defense game COLOR DEFENSE! We are finalizing some last touches and will submit the game very soon. So watch out for this highly addictive casual action game!

One very important last info:
We got concept development funding from the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern for our next big project! More info about it you will find here on the blog very soon! A BIG THANK YOU to the FFF committee for believing in our vision!

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Your McPeppergames team