Our minimalist tower base defense game COLOR DEFENSE is now also available as a premium game. The editors of took a close look at the game in the following review:

German COLOR DEFENSE review on!

COLOR DEFENSE is therefore available in different versions and for different operating systems and smartphones and tablets. Here is a small overview:

There is the classic free game version for iOS and Android here:


This version is completely free to play. This is possible because advertisements are displayed in the game. The InGame currency can be increased by InApp purchases, but also by the optional watching of Rewarded videos. This allows the game to be played completely 100% for free with all content, weapons and features and you do not have to spend money on the game! Only additional color themes are not be used and can be purchased optionally.

Now there is the premium version of COLOR DEFENSE. It is available here:


This version contains no ads and has unlocked all color themes. The version also includes 100 Nanites (InGame currency!) When purchasing the game. Once these are exhausted, you can either try to level them up without using the Nanites, or optionally get new Nanites by watching Rewarded videos. If you like, you can also opt to buy Nanites via InApp purchase.

COLOR DEFENSE was # 1 on the paid game charts in the App Store category of “CASUAL” games yesterday! If you do not know the game yet and you are into defense games, then you should definitely get it now!