Kids Halloween

Before talking about the Kids Halloween game update first I have to tell you we are sorry for the late update here on the blog! From now on we will have a little bit more info we can write about here regularly. That’s because we will finish a new kids app soon and mainly because beside our apps for kids we now have three different indie games for all ages in our pipeline. The first one will be out fall 2016 (soon) and the other ones will follow in the first half of 2017. One of the games is the retro endless runner I was talking about in the last (old) post. Enough small talk :)… today’s post is about our big app update for our educational Toddler app “Halloween Games for Kids and Toddlers” which went live today in the Apple App Store worldwide.

Halloween for KidsWe added complete new mini-games to the app and your kids now can use a coloring book to draw and paint Halloween motives and design greeting cards they can then send to their friends. This way organizing your kids Halloween party is easy 🙂
The game is available HERE and free to download. The first three levels are totally free to play and the rest of the game, including the mini-games can be unlocked via one InApp-Purchase. This way you can see if your kids like the game and the Halloween content (which can be a little bit scary for some kids) before buying the “cat in the bag”.


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