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Get Cosmic Cry on Google Play!We just have released our biggest game project so far… Cosmic Cry! An epic science fiction Tower Defense TD game for all Android devices. The game is now available as an open BETA on Google Play. Click the image above to get there or download the free game here:

Cosmic Cry plays in the distant future, at a time when humanity has colonized many worlds in outer space. But human civilizations are threatened by an unknown alien power which attacks and destroys the human colonies on planets and moons through dimensional portals. You are the independent commander of an orbit defense facility and are hired by the Earth forces to assist in the fight against the alien threat. You are supposed to protect the space colonies of humans on all the different exotic worlds from the attack of the alien creeps and defeat and destroy the creeps, monsters and aliens in the epic fight for survival while discovering the secrets behind the attack.

Cosmic Cry - Tower Defense TD Screen 1The current open BETA version of Cosmic Cry – Tower Defense TD let you play the complete first missions. We soon will unlock the next worlds, but want to collect some first player feedback first, so we can improve some areas and make the game an even better experience for all strategy and SciFi fans.
This is why we ask you for your help!
Please download Cosmic Cry and play through all available levels. Send us your feedback to:

Please also tell your friends about Cosmic Cry or support us by donating a cup of coffee from inside the game to our development team to keep them all awake and also working at night! Enough caffeine will make sure the next update will get ready in time 🙂

Cosmic Cry - Tower Defense TD screen 2If you are a YouTuber we would love to see you play the game. Showing gameplay videos of Cosmic Cry is totally fine for us. Please link to the available game on Google Play.
We have a press kit available also:
Cosmic Cry Press Kit
A huge THANK YOU to Rami Ismail of Vlambeer for creating this for developers!

If you want to get a first impression on how it looks like when a gamer is starting Cosmic Cry for the first time, check out the following gameplay video from a YouTuber:

Now get Cosmic Cry and let us know what you think about the first open BETA please! 😉

Your McPeppergames team

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