New LITE Version Hits The App Store!

My Little Car Wash - Lite Version (November 13, 2014)Starting November 13 you can download a new LITE version of our top game “My Little Car Wash“. The game can be downloaded for free and is meant as a test-version. With this version you can let your kid wash two cars using all the main washing actions to see if it likes the game.
We decided to release a lite version of the premium game because we think it’s fair for parents to have a free playable version first, so they don’t have to “buy a cat in a bag”. Of course there are preview videos of the game now, but with a lite version of the game you can be 100% sure if your kid really likes the app before you get the full version.
So with this test-version of “My Little Car Wash” you get the first two cars for free and you have the option to unlock the full premium game with a lot more cars and the cool laboratory where your kid can mix it’s own washing foam for the washing actions.
Please note that your ratings and game reviews in the App Store will help us lot creating more content updates for the game. Have fun! 🙂

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