Pocket Friend

We’ve released our new app for kids named Pocket Friend. It’s available for Android on Google Play and for Kindle and Android devices at Amazon. The iOS Version will be available in a few days here in the Apple App Store. Pocket Friend is the first app in a new McPeppergames series of games where kids can play different games against a virtual animal friend.
The idea behind the apps is that kids often don’t have a real friend to play with for a lot of different reasons. That’s where the virtual animal Pocket Friend can help. Instead of playing some emotionless digital games kids can play against someone with emotional feedback based on the game play.
Here is a video of the Pocket Friend game-play, where kids can play 16 different Memo Pairs categories against their new virtual animal friend. The Memo Pairs motives include animals, objects, forms, numbers and even some basic math tasks.

We wish you and your families a Happy Easter!
Your McPeppergames Team

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