My Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles

My Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles

My Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles

Our new app “My Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles” for babies and toddlers age 1 to 5 will be out Wednesday May 13, 2015. The app is especially designed for little kids. It’s funny while educational, teaching kids a lot of different forms, sizes and colors. “My Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles” is an educational premium paid app and doesn’t include any ads or analytics. There is one link to our apps for kids portfolio which is hidden behind a parental gate.

You can get the app at a fair starter price for your iOS devices at the following link, starting May 13:

And also on May 13 you can get an Android version on Google Play here:

+ Universal App for all devices
+ 100% child safe learning
+ No ads and no analytics
+ Trains motivation
+ Shapes, sizes and colors levels
+ Great farm setting with beautiful animations and sounds
+ Easy to use
+ Fun while learning
+ Additional free memo pairs game

+ Logical thinking
+ Understanding of forms, shapes, sizes and colors
+ Concentration
+ Problem solving abilities
+ Developing a sense for responsibility (as a farm helper)
+ Motor skills
+ Visual perception
+ Attention
+ Trains motivations by collecting stars

Here is a game-play video, so you can get a first impression of the game. Please note the bonus memo find the pairs game can be unlocked by collecting 200 stars, you can set the difficulty for your kid and you can set back the star counter. This things you can not see in the video.

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